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Hatfield celebrates becoming a Classic Porsche Partner


On the 27 April, Porsche Centre Hatfield celebrated their appointment as one of only 3 ‘Classic Porsche Partner’ Centres in the country.  

On the night, Porsche Centre Hatfield was transformed into a museum of Porsche history with a stunning collection of the most iconic Porsche models to ever grace the roads. The event was hugely successful with over 300 Porsche customers, enthusiasts and members from Porsche Club GB enjoying a celebration of all things Porsche.

Attendees were treated with a presentation on Porsche evolution with models from every era being in the Centre, beginning from where it all began with the Porsche 356. The 356 series were the first ever Porsche model produced for the road. The distinctive style of the roadster is unmistakably Porsche and still present in the new models produced today. The 356 gave way to what has become the icon of Porsche, the 911.

The 1960's was the coming of age for Porsche and the 911 soon became a hugely successful road and competition car.

Hatfield was home to a number of fan favourite 911 models with the Project 50 911 from the 911 50th anniversary celebration in 2013. Project 50 is a classic 1965 911 revamped into a racing car.  There was also the 911 G Model 1973 and the final instalment of the original 911; the 993 RS 1995 from a period where Porsche achieved unprecedented success. 

Also on show, a classic throwback down the Targa family line, the 911 Targa 1973. The famous innovative roll bar for the Targa was initially introduced in response to increased safety requirements for open-top vehicles in the USA. The fixed bar protected drivers and passengers from injury in the event of the vehicle overturning. The roll bar has now become hugely popular and prominent feature of the Targa design.

Another iconic period for Porsche was the unique flat nose style present in the 70's-80's, and Hatfield were delighted to have on show the 944 Turbo Cabriolet, the 911 SSE Flat Nose Cabriolet, the 924 Carrera GTS, and the only sports car to ever win European car of the year in 1978; the Porsche 928.

The Carrera GT 2004 on show at Hatfield is a more recent but unforgettable classic. It was another leap for the company as the most exotic Porsche the company had ever created.

It wasn’t all classic models though. The new E-Hybrid 918 Spyder turned many heads. Its ancestor was sitting just across the other side of the room, the classic 550 Spyder from the 50’s.

As well as some of the most iconic Porsche models on show, Porsche Centre Hatfield had the honour and privilege of Derek Bell’s presence as a guest speaker. Derek turned back the years discussing the history of Porsche and sports car racing.

Mike Murphy, Centre Principal of Porsche Centre Hatfield - “Porsche Centre Hatfield would like to thank everyone that attended for making a very special evening. We were thrilled to celebrate our Classic Porsche status with the legendary Derek Bell and some of the most historic Porsche road cars ever made”

Porsche Centre Hatfield’s classic partner status will mean that they can offer an officially recognised excellent service for those with older Porsche models. The benefits of being a Porsche Classic partner include access to an incredible 52,000 different parts covering a multitude of classic models.  The Classic status is evident as soon as you enter the Centre with a new prominent display area for Classic Porsche cars and merchandise while Service customers will have a dedicated point of contact from the Aftersales team.

Over 70% of all Porsche cars ever made are still on the road, and Porsche Centre Hatfield will enable more owners of Classic Porsche cars to maintain and restore their Porsche for many years to come. Many owners want their Porsche to remain classic, but Porsche Centre Hatfield can now offer quality upgrades so owners can benefit from the latest technology.

Do you own an older Porsche model? Call Porsche Centre Hatfield on (+44) 1707 861 429 or find directions to Porsche Centre Hatfield here .