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The 718 Cayman drive out day to Brocket Hall
The 718 Cayman drive out day to Brocket Hall

The 718 Cayman drive out day to Brocket Hall


On 20 October 2016, Porsche Centre Hatfield held a 718 Cayman drive day at prestigious Brocket Hall.

Set in the urban area of Hatfield, the Brocket Hall estate is made up of two championship golf courses, award-winning dining and a spectacular country house. The impressive backdrop of the 18th century country house made for the ideal venue to showcase the new 718 Cayman. Guests were accompanied by the Porsche Centre Hatfield team for demonstration drives with Brocket Hall as the destination.

Steve Dickson, General Sales Manager of Porsche Centre Hatfield, said “A big thank you to the organisers at Brocket Hall for providing fantastic hospitality. The country house is steeped in rich history and provided the perfect setting for our drive-out event. The team at Porsche Centre Hatfield and our guests thoroughly enjoyed the day and we look forward to doing more events with Brocket Hall in the future.”

Since its announcement, the 718 Cayman has received positive press coverage with Car and Driver stating: “Porsche's newest two-seater should be hard to brush off. The 718 Cayman shares engine outputs and specs with the 718 Boxster models including the S’s variable-turbine turbocharger technology that enhances engine response at low revs without sacrificing top-end power.”

Please contact our team by calling 01707 861 429 or emailing info@porschehatfield.co.uk for more information on the 718 Cayman or to book a demonstration drive.