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Tune in to Facebook Live on Thursday 27 September at 1pm. We will be discussing all things Porsche Classic including what to look for when buying a classic Porsche, tips for classic owners and advice on keeping your classic in tip-top condition.

Our Training and Development Manager, Callum Smith will act as host. Joining our panel: Centre Principal, Mark Goody, General Sales Manager, Steve Dickson, and our Classic Technician, Simon Coath.

As one of only four official Porsche Classic Partners in the UK, we are delighted to share our expertise with classic owners and Porsche enthusiasts alike. To join us, simply ‘Like’ our Facebook page in advance and you will be notified when we go live on the day. 

Please call us on 01707 861 429 or email info@porschehatfield.co.uk for more information about our Facebook Live event or for any of your other Porsche requirements.