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Winter Care Kit

Porsche Winter Care Kit


It is predicated that we may face our coldest weather for 30 years this winter, but you can maintain your vehicle’s performance and condition with our Winter Care Kit.

Available for all models, the kit is vital for protecting your Porsche throughout the freezing temperatures we could be set to face (or if you are going abroad). The set is stored within a waterproof bag, fitted with practical inner compartments, and includes two bottles of the Winter Window Cleaner Concentrate, Window Cleaner, Interior Glass Cleaner, telescopic Ice Scraper and a Microfibre Cleaning Cloth.

Products such as the Winter Cleaner Concentrate are essential to help prevent your windscreen washer pipes from freezing as it removes the risk of blockages in the pipes, and therefore makes for greater performance and safety of your vehicle.

For further details or to order a Winter Care Kit, please contact our Parts Department on 0170 727 7911 or visit the  Porsche Tequipment Finder .