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Gtechniq Ceramic Coating


Protect your Porsche

A high-performing solution for your Porsche, powered by ceramic coating experts Gtechniq. Offering a scientifically tested system of protective treatments that outperform anything else available on the market, Gtechniq Platinum offers a solution for paint, glass, interior and wheels boasting UV protection, durability and swirl resistance, all with a comprehensive 5 year guarantee.

Here at Porsche Centre Hatfield we are delighted to offer Gtechniq Platinum Enhancement on both new and used models. This is applied by a specially Gtechniq trained detailer from Porsche Centre Hatfield.

Below is a breakdown of this exclusive application process.

For more information and enquiries please contact the centre by emailing us on  info@porschehatfield.co.uk  or call us today on  01707 861429 .

Gtechniq Platinum Enhancement Process



Firstly, any bonded contaminants are removed using W6 Iron & General Fallout Remover which is formulated to offer the safest, most effective method of removing potentially damaging contamination commonly found on vehicles paintwork and wheels. Followed by a clay bar to fully ensure the exterior surfaces are contamination free ready for the next stage.


Enhancement Polish

An enhancement level machine polish will increase the clarity of the paintwork, improve the depth of gloss and prepare the paint work for the coatings. This process is undertaken using specialist detailing equipment by skilled trained operatives.


Paint Preparation

Due to the nano chemistry and bonded nature of the Gtechniq coating, it is essential that all coating residue is removed. This ensures the surface is able to chemically bond to the paint, becoming a physical part of it.

Base Coat

Gtechniq Ceramic Base Coat

The base coat will add resistance from abrasion and dramatically slow down paint deterioration whilst helping to retain that incredible depth of gloss that has been achieved during the enhancement polishing stage.

Top Coat

Hydrophobic Top Coat

A hydrophobic top coat further aids the ease of future maintenance by creating an additional layer providing even more dirt and water repellency.  *This will need to be periodically topped up with Gtechniq C2v3 Ceramic Sealant supplied in the aftercare kit.   

Gtechniq's coatings are designed to do specific jobs. The hard ceramic base coats provides class leading resistance to wash and swirls for gloss retention, whilst the water repellent top coat provides water and dirt repellency increasing the ease of future maintenance.  


Interior Leathers & Fabrics

An anti-bacterial coating is applied to provide resistance to microbes that can create bacteria which are left behind by spillages, food remnants and dirt.  


Windows & Glass

Windows & Glass are coated, providing a water repellent surface to improve wet weather visibility and driving safety.  


Alloy Wheels

Alloys Wheels are coated and protected, this helps towards the ease of future maintenance.

Why Choose Gtechniq?


Chemical Bond

The coating has been scientifically formulated to bond to the surface of your car's paintwork. The chemical bond makes the coating the active surface of the car, shielding it from UV, dirt, acid rain and detergent.

Ceramic Protection

Platinum Crystal Coat forms an ultra -durable, high-gloss, slick-to-touch, chemically bonding, inorganic layer of 9h optically clear ceramic. This ceramic protection actively reduces the number of swirls in your car’s paintwork, retaining its candy-like gloss, and as good as new looks, for longer.

Contaminant Defence

Its highly dense layer is resistant to chemicals from pH2 – pH12. This makes contaminants such as tree sap, tar and hard water spots easier to remove.