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914 Porsche Restoration Project
Resurrecting a classic Porsche 914
Our restoration project

914 Porsche Restoration Project

914 restoration project

Welcome to our Porsche 914 restoration project

Over the coming months, the Porsche Centre Hatfield Classic Team will be undertaking a unique restoration project as a showcase of the classic expertise within our Centre.

Given our status as a Porsche Classic Partner, we decided to seek out a particularly challenging restoration project to really stretch our skills. We came across a truly unique Porsche 914 - originally registered at Othello, Washington State in 1974, the 914 has not logged a service since 1981.

Upon first inspection, the body of our 914 had been visibly untouched for decades and the interior had certainly seen better days. It was the ideal candidate for our project: a perfect example of a poorly maintained Porsche.

Join us on the 914 restoration journey and have your say at key stages of the project, such as voting for the new paint colour. Simply ‘Like’ our Facebook page to keep updated with the latest 914 restoration news.

History of the 914

History of the 914

The two-seater Porsche 914, also known as the "VW Porsche", is a mid-engine sports car. The 914 was a joint development between Porsche and Volkswagen and was the entry-level model as of model year 1970.

It is a unique Porsche, with a striking iconic design straight from the 70s. It features a very long wheelbase for the vehicle length, short overhangs, pop-up headlights and a removable roof centre panel made from glass fibre reinforced plastic and a wide safety bar.

A less well known model in the Porsche family, but nevertheless an iconic Porsche from the 70s, it is our pleasure to bring this much neglected 914 back to its former glory.